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Deciding what to see and do in Barcelona in a limited time can be pretty hard. There are so many things to see, experiences to enjoy and activities to immerse in. We hope this mini guide will help you make your visiting plans whether you’re visiting Barcelona for the first time, been here already, or coming with a family.

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Barcelona for first time visitors

Top 10 things to see and do in Barcelona

  1. Take a tour (or two) to get to know the city’s most important places.
  2. Go for some Tapas and Pintxos in hidden bars around the town.
  3. Roam around the Gothic Quarter and immerse yourself in history.
  4. Explore the Ciutadela and Güell parks.
  5. Take a walk at the Montjuïc hill to find impressive architecture, beautiful nature and some of the best views of Barcelona.
  6. Reserve an evening to enjoy the spectacle of light, water and music at the Font Màgica, also at Montjuïc.
  7. Take a quick visit to the Sagrada Familia and admire its outdoor details. Leave the indoor for your next visit to Barcelona, as the queue and crowds will lose you valuable exploring time.
  8. If you’re a football fan, go for a tour of the Camp Nou stadium. If you’re not, go see the stadium complex from outside. It’s impressive anyway.
  9. Visit the Spanish Village museum for beautiful architecture, art and tradition from all parts of Spain.
  10. Shop and taste delicacies at the central Boqueria market.

For repeating visitors

Las Golondrinas tour boats at Port Vell Barcelona

  1. Visit the Sagrada Familia, if possible, with a guide.
  2. Explore the modernista houses and buildings designed by Gaudi and his contemporaries.
  3. Find and admire Santa María del Mar church.
  4. Explore the hidden secrets of the Sarrià and other districts in the hills.
  5. Visit the Historic Museum of Barcelona to learn about the city’s thrilling history.
  6. Explore some of the charming seaside towns near Barcelona.
  7. Go for an excursion to Montserrat, a spectacular monastery in breathtaking surroundings.
  8. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of one of Europe’s top party destinations.
  9. There’s art everywhere in this town. Find the form you like most and get inspired.
  10. Take a ride on the iconic Golondrinas boats based in the Old Port. They will take you on a cruise to explore Barcelona’s coastline.

Barcelona for families

  1. The Barcelona Zoo is a must if you’re on a family visit to the city. The Aquarium is also very popular.
  2. Explore the Spanish Village and let the kids have fun learning traditional arts and crafts in special workshops for children.
  3. There are several amusement and aqua parks around Barcelona. The most popular is PortAventura. It’s a bit farther, but well worth a day trip.
  4. Tibidabo amusement park is located on a hill above Barcelona and has many fun attractions with breathtaking views of the city.
  5. Most boys will love the Camp Nou stadium. Some girls will too.
  6. Summer is perfect for a day on the beach. Spring and autumn are great too, except for swimming.
  7. The Bosc Urbà is a huge playground for children and everyone that feels like a child, with more than 50 attractions.
  8. Visiting museums with children doesn’t have to be boring. Explore the museum of Chocolate, Music, Natural Sciences, etc.
  9. At Catalunya en Miniatura & Bosc Animat theme park, you’ll be able to walk through the only model village in Catalonia featuring major landmarks built to scale and explore a forest where you can climb trees, ride on a zip wire.
  10. At the CosmoCaixa museum you can immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest, discover dinosaurs, or learn more about planets and stars.

Best panoramic views

  1. Montjuic offers some of the best views of downtown Barcelona and the port.
  2. From Parc Güell you can see large parts of the city and the most important landmarks.
  3. Tibidabo amusement park sits on top of the hills overlooking Barcelona. How about riding a Ferris wheel or rollercoaster on a hilltop overlooking a city like this?
  4. The iconic Columbus monument column standing at 60 meters above the ground has a gallery at the top with stunning views of the port, the Gothic Quarter and the Ramblas street.
  5. The Telefèric de Montjuïc (cable car) climbs to a height of about 80 meters. On its was down, the gondolas stop at the Mirador observation deck.
  6. With a height of 560 meters above the sea level, the Collserola Tower has the tallest observation deck with views reaching up to 70 kilometers on a clear day.
  7. Besides offering stunning panoramic views of Barcelona, with an “unexpected” green backdrop, the Mirador de Sarrià represents an entrance in the Collserola Nature Park.
  8. Awesome, nearly 360o panoramic views can be found at the top of the existing towers of the Sagrada Familia temple. Once the central tower is complete, it will have an observation deck at 170 meters.
  9. At the rooftop of Casa Milà, better known as “La Pedrera” you can enjoy views of downtown while admiring over 30 Gaudi’s magical twisted chimneys.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, the bunkers at Turó de la Rovira (part of History Museum) offer stunning views of the entire city below.
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