Plaça Reial

Plaça Reial - Barcelona's favourite meeting place

The Plaça Reial is an elegant and romantic square in the old town Barcelona, surrounded by splendid neoclassical buildings with porticoes.

The square is one of the most popular meeting points in Barcelona, especially during the summer and the annual La Mercè festival in September, when open-air concerts take place, and during other celebrations such as New Year’s Eve, often being very crowded. It is also a busy nightlife hotspot.

Many restaurants, bars and clubs are hidden behind the porticoes.

It is located in the historical core of Barcelona, at the edge of the Gothic quarter, and just beside the main Rambla street.

In the centre of the square stands the magnificent fountain of the three graces, flanked by two massive street lamps designed by Gaudi, bearing a dragon and a winged helmet on the top.

Palms scattered all across the Plaça Reial give the square an air of exotic freshness, reminding you that you’re in a Mediterranean city.

Metro: L3 (Liceu)

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