Tips & advice for travelers visiting Barcelona

Casa Rocamora in Passeig de Gracia
Avoid this!You can skip it.It's okI recommend this.Must visit!
  1. Don’t be a classic tourist, Barcelonians hate tourists. Be an explorer, a traveler and respect the locals.
  2. Beachwear (swimming suits, bikinis, etc) are for the beach and the coastal promenades. They’re not welcome in the city streets.
  3. If you come in summer, it might be better to stay in a neighboring seaside town and catch the train or bus to Barcelona.
  4. Get the Barcelona Express Card to enjoy discounts in museums, restaurants, tapas bars and use the public transport system for free.
  5. If it is your fist visit to the city, book a tour or two to get to know it.
  6. Watch for pickpockets and other petty crimes. Barcelona has a reputation for having trouble with these. Take the usual precaution and avoid spending too much time in overcrowded areas such as Las Ramblas and the metro.
Avoid this!You can skip it.It's okI recommend this.Must visit!

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